What we do

NEWTEK is an MEP contracting company started in 2001 as an Establishment, based in Saudi Arabia. In 2006, the company’s performance has been expanded with the introduction of new partners to become a limited liability Company.

One of its component in its field of work is the Heating, Ventilating & Air conditioning and offers the following:

  • Central Air Conditioning – Chilled Water Systems – DX Systems
  • Ducting & Air Distribution System
  • Chilled Water Piping
  • HVAC Control Systems

SINCE the beginning, our aim is to focus on Industrial, commercial and residential projects with high emphasis on quality and cost effectiveness, to extend remarkable services to our valuable clients.

With this in mind we apply it on every scope we work on. Example of this is another component of the mechanical field which is the Plumbing works that specializes in the following:

  • Potable & Sewage Water Networks
  • PVC, Steel, Copper Pipe Networks
  • Fire Fighting Systems
  • Plumbing for Sanitary, Bathrooms & Kitchen
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Pumps and Pumping Systems

With its MEP Design, Installation, Testing, Measuring, Balancing and Commissioning. And applying project management systems and international standard to all phases of installation, costing and maintenance. To achieve the best solution for our clients. Offering long-term cost effective solution to maintenance contracts, providing cost analysis of operating all Electro-Mechanical installations &Working as a team member within other construction groups of the project. And to complete our Field of Speciality. We also offer the following Electrical Works:

  • System – MV,LV Transformers, Panel Boards & Cabling
  • Lights & Lighting Systems
  • Telephone Network & Telephone Systems
  • TV Networks & TV & Video Systems
  • Sound Systems
  • CCTV Systems
  • Computer Network
  • Fire Alarm Systems

Projects planning are executed by specialist planning engineers located at regional offices and on site as required. All recognized planning techniques and planning systems are used to suit particular contract requirements and/or the specific needs of any particular project.

NEWTEK’s application of planning is to co-ordinate its work within the overall project plan, establish practical logic and create objectives for all parties concerned in the engineering and commercial requirements of the project.

Stage 1: Strategic Appraisal of Project at Tender Stage

Manpower requirements and material supply schedules are prepared in conjunction with outline parameters given in tender documentation, highlighting critical areas of installation and resource problems of material deliveries and labour force.

Stage 2: Contract/Sub-Contract Programme

Sub-contract programmes are prepared which are fundamentally based on the main contract programme. Various methods such as bar chart or critical analysis are employed providing, at the earliest possible time, any conflict between the two programmes enabling rectification or modification to be implemented.

Stage 3: Supporting Schedules

Drawing production schedules using the most up-to-date CAD Systems, material delivery schedules and other resource schedules are developed simultaneously with the sub contract programme enabling any production problems to be identified and remedial action initiated. These schedules are monitored and updated at regular intervals.

Stage 4: Progress Monitoring and Control

A labour monitoring system is operated as a contract control system ensuring that shortfalls in production are detected at an early stage and manning levels can be modified to accommodate client changes. Material ordering and supply is also monitored enabling timely ordering of basic materials which can be assessed against the main sub-contract programme.

Various international standard software packages are used including Power Project, MS. Project, and Primavera to meet particular project needs.


The commissioning, setting to work, and handover of any sophisticated engineering systems are as important to NEWTEK as the installation itself.

NEWTEK experience emphasizes the need for this aspect to be considered from the outset. Through all stages of design, planning and installation care must be taken not only to facilitate commissioning, which necessarily occurs during the critical phase of handover, but also to enable maintenance to be properly carried out. Obstruction to proper systematic maintenance will inevitably result in long term problems for the client.

Commissioning is managed by a specialist in-house department which oversees the resident site staff to undertake the commissioning or a specialist sub-contract commissioning company.