Commitment to Quality

It is the policy of all companies within the Group to provide service and goods, which meet the agreed contractual specifications and quality standards defined by the customer (via his/her representative)

To this end, every operating unit is required:

  • To maintain staff able to interpret, clarify and conform to the clients requirements
  • To ensure, by proper selection and examination that goods supplied and/or incorporated are suitable and safe to operate.
  • To make sure that goods and systems are installed in a satisfactory manner
  • To commission completed systems so that their operation and maintenance is facilitated
  • If so required by the client, to ensure that the completed and commissioned systems are serviced on a regular and systematic basis.

Furthermore, those operating units maintaining an Accredited QA system in compliance with ISO 9001/2000

  • To observe the Group Quality Assurance Manual (and /or any QA Plan agreed and specific to a project)
  • To plan, control and document in a systematic manner, those procedures necessary to provide the specific level of Quality Assurance.
  • To maintain such records as will substantiate the Quality Assurance applied throughout each project undertaken.
  • To provide evidence of quality by demonstration and certification where required.

In addition, those operating units observing ISO 9001, and undertaking a design responsibility are required:

  • To determine and define the design intent and performance standards
  • To derive and record system design criteria and data in such a manner that they can and will, be checked within the Company, and can be independently checked by outside nominees.
  • To convey appropriate system design parameters to those responsible for purchasing, installing commissioning and maintaining the equipments and/or systems concerned.

In endorsement of the above, the company’s directors have been given the authority to promote and support the QA function at all levels within their areas of operation. NEWTEK Contractors LLC have been assessed and working on the ISO registration by SGS certification Services Ltd. An independent certification body and certified that their Quality Management Systems for design, estimating, procurement, installation and commissioning of building services, meet the requirements of ISO 9001/2000.

Group policy on zero defects statement

As part of NEWTEK continuing program of Quality Assurance it strives to achieve zero defects in its installations and services, in partnership with its prospective clients. For such standards to be achieved, it is necessary for all parties to the contract to be actively involved in a team approach with the spirit of co-operation to recognize and implement the standards outlined within the contract documentation from inception to completion.

NEWTEK undertakes to promote continual professional development of its project management teams and sub-contractors to ensure an appropriate level of experience is matched to each particular project.

Quality Policy

NEWTEK Contractors is one of the leading contracting companies in the field of Electro Mechanical contracting which involves the following activities; estimation, design, purchasing, contracting, installation and commissioning of mechanical, electrical, and public health services and operational maintenance of installed mechanical and electrical services.

  • It is the policy of NEWTEK Contractors herein after called the Company to supply customers products and services which have been quality assured in accordance with agreed specifications.
  • It is our policy to achieve customer satisfaction by total commitment to Quality management systems. This includes establishing quality objectives in line with quality policy and to review them on continual basis.
  • It is our policy to demonstrate continual improvement in our products and services to satisfy needs and expectations of our customers.
  • The policies laid down in this manual cover estimation, design, purchasing, contracting, installation and commissioning of mechanical, electrical and public health services and are fully endorsed by the board of directors and backed up by Quality Assurance Procedure manuals.
  • The policies within this document and procedures contained in quality assurance procedure manuals are mandatory to all employees.
  • Management reviews of quality systems will be held on a regular basis in line with the documented procedure with a view to improving system and reducing the possibility of non-conformance.
  • NEWTEK is working to implement the quality assurance system as part of its policies and is working on its ISO9001/2000 certification from SGS Yarely ICS to meet the full requirements of ISO9001/2000
Quality Objectives
  • Complete all projects within stipulated time and within budget limits.
  • Execute all projects strictly in conformance with customer quality requirements.
  • Minimize Non Conformance during all phases of project execution.