Newtek has established itself and become recoginzed in the Saudi construction market as one of the fastest growing company. The diveresity and complexity of the projects have proven that the company is capable of deliverying on time quality and cost-effective results to the clients.



Contract / Sub-Contract



Monitoring and Control

The Team

The company management team has over 40 years experience in the MEP business. They are dedicated to apply their experience to successfully complete the on-hand tasks of the project. With many years of experience, the engineering team is trained to apply the latest designs and know-how at each stage of the project. If it was on the drawing board or site, the engineering team follow and monitor the job from start to finish. The team will not be complete without the strong hands of the formen and technicians. As a matter of fact this group is the work horse of the company. They are hard workers and well trained to complete the task on time.

Who we are?
shortly about us

Newtek is a full service MEP contractor company. It was established more than 15 years ago and operated from Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Now the company is operating throughout the Middle East with offices in Jeddah, Riyadh and Dubai. Our services to the clients and the community is simple and can be summarized in two words namely Engineering and Construction. The company is well recognized as one who can offer a value engineering solutions to meet the clients budget.

The fast trend in technology and innovations has made the company to go along and adapt to new manufacturing techniques and products which was introduced in the construction industry. For this reason the company is always learning and implementing the latest-Of-know how in this business.