The Environment

As one of the country’s leading mechanical, electrical and public health contractors, we believe we have major role to play in reducing threats to the environment. We will meet or exceed all relevant Government and local subsidiary requirements relating to protecting the environment.

Group Environment Policy- Statement of Intent

NEWTEK believes that every individual and organization has a legal and moral responsibility to protect its environment. As a leading independent specialist engineering Services Company, we have a major role to play in maintaining awareness and employing effective environmental controls. We conform to, or exceed the requirements of all relevant legislation governing waste disposal, toxic emissions, conservation and pollution. We employ practices, which reduce the impact of pollution and environmental disruption through all our business activities, whilst striving to improve the efficient use of the world resources. With the threat of pollution and environmental disturbance in mind, we continually examine, monitor and consider all our activities to ensure that we provide quality service without detriment to the environment. Any employee who wilfully acts to the detriment of the Groups’ Environmental policy may be subjected to Company Disciplinary Procedures.


It is the policy of NEWTEK Contractors LLC to operate its business and carry out its activities in a way that recognizes its responsibilities to and for the environment. The company is committed to pursuing the best environmental practices however and whenever practicable. Each operating business unit is committed to meet the objective of this policy. In particular we will:

  • Include environment issues as a matter of report of board of directors.
  • Ensure that adequate human and financial resources are made available within operating units to implement and maintain the policy
  • Include environmental considerations in our business planning and decision making.
  • Comply with all applicable regulations and statutory requirements as appropriate where no regulations exist set our own standards.
  • Train all employees in environmental matters appropriate to their role.
  • Conserve resources by the efficient consumption of materials, energy and fuel and by influencing design and specifications whenever possible.
  • Encourage all suppliers and subcontractors to develop or share environmental policies in line with our Company Policy.
  • Implement a waste minimization program and encourage recycling where possible.
  • Continuing monitor and improve the company’s environmental performance by the use of management procedures

This policy is fully endorsed and supported by the management of the company.